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Can you really know what your future will
be at eight years of age? I believe it is possible. For my eighth birthday, my parents gave me an easel complete with jars of paint, brushes, and a large pad of paper. Until then, the dining room table was the place for making art. What a thrill to have my own space. I dreamed about being an artist.


Classes in drawing and painting on Saturdays and in the summer opened my eyes to the possibilities of following the path of a creative. Though I entered Tyler School of Art as a painting major, Graphic Design, Illustration, and Photography captured my interest. The idea of making a living in design and advertising was intriguing.


My first job was a staff artist for a television station in the south. Designing and illustrating news graphics, public service announcements, and advertisements was a lot of fun and very fast paced. After I started my family, all of my jobs were free-lance for the next six years. I moved back to the northeast, and worked at a series of small design firms, which lead to an Art Director position at the in-house advertising agency of a major pharmaceutical firm. Years later, when the firm closed, I decided to pursue painting.


Following the path of a creative reveals itself in so many different ways. For example, I love to cook and when I prepare a meal, the colors and textures are just as important to me as the flavor. I want the visual experience of plated food to be as enticing as the taste.


Thank you for visiting. My wish is that you enjoy the many textures, flavors and aromas my work may evoke.



© 2022 by Anita McGinn-Natali

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